Court of Appeals 8/17/10

This will make the non lawyers happy.

Graves v. State.  Charles Graves is the County Prosecutor for Tunica County.  Stan Little, a classmate of mine at Ole Miss Law, was the defense attorney for the first two cases.  Three DUI’s were appealed to the Circuit Court level in front of Judge Smith.  Graves and Stan agreed to dismiss the first one, but Judge Smith refused to do so, and Little stated that he had not had an opportunity to view the video tape.  Judge Smith had previously ordered Graves to make the discovery available.  Judge Smith held both Graves and Little in contempt for not being prepared.   Second case, Little hasn’t viewed the video, both attorneys held in contempt.  In the third case, the defense attorney had requested a continuance, and Graves had no objection, but the defense attorney wasn’t present.  Contempt.  The Court of Appeals reversed and rendered Judge Smith’s sanction of a $100 fine and 2 days in jail, holding that Graves had not committed a contemptible act.


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